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Janet Berrington

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Dr Janet E Berrington MD, BMedSci (hons), BMBS (hons), FRCPCH

Dr Janet Berrington is a Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Neonatal Medicine, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne UK. She qualified in medicine in 1992 and completed an MD in neonatal immunology in 2004. Since then she has contributed to and led research on key neonatal interventions, including feeding trials (SIFT) and immunonutrient trials (ELFIN) and trials on ROP (REDEXAM). She has undertaken epidemiological studies on infective perinatal deaths, viral contributors to perinatal deaths, and was a key participant in the BEST study on screening for congenital CMV in infants failing routine hearing screening, and has led observational studies on the neonatal microbiome and metabolome. She is manager of the great North Neonatal Biobank, a co-app in the recently commenced EME funded mechanistic microbiomic and metabolomic study (MAGPIE), and a member of the UK Neonatal Nutrition Network.